How To: Win at Roulette

Win at Roulette

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Please do not think that this is a fool proof way of playing black jack. Most games have a table limit, so that if you are unlucky and the other color comes up 10 times in a row, you would not be able to bet enough to cover the best you lost already. Don't forget that you have to have a big enough bank roll to withstand the loosing streaks that come up. I personally have seen people loose thousands when a roulette wheel in Atlantic City came up Black 17 times in a row.

how could this be a fool proof way of playing BLACK JACK???? seems like this was about roulette ya goof.

What a moron, lol. I've worked in casino's for almost 10 years & i have seen single colours run for over 50 spins in a row. Improbible, yes. Impossable, no! I have cleaned players out myself as a dealer for years. There is only one thing to remember when playing house games against the casino, and that is this: The Games Are LEGALY fixed mathmatically, so over long periods of play they CANNOT be beaten fairly!

there is a way to beat blackjack...I will spell it out later

hey mike, if you've got a great way to beat blackjack, submit your article to us here: we'd love to know what it is.

How can I win this one

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